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Register for the Miami Blockchain Week Hackathon Today!

The Blockchain Center is set to host one of the first hackathons of 2021! As a media sponsor, Cryptos is proud to co-host this virtual event.

Join us January 28th-30th for this free educational event. The Livestream begins at 12 pm EST each day on the Blockchain Center’s YouTube account.

This hackathon has a special emphasis on quantum computing and features a workshop on this topic. We are proud to announce the Quantum Computing Keynote as Dr. Desmond Fitzpatrick, a Quantum Ambassador for IBM Q.

Additional segments include a Uniswap developer workshop and expert panels on topics such as advanced cryptography, data sovereignty, and privacy.

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/3p5mu36

Join the Blockchain Center’s hackathon Discord channel for regular updates and to answer any questions you may have: https://discord.gg/v4NjkqxtWS

The Blockchain Center will host virtual hackathons each month featuring workshops, panel discussions, and presentations from a wide range of industry-leading experts. Previous speakers include Nick Spanos, Brock Pierce, Brittany Kaiser, and David Weild.

You can learn more here: blockchaincenter.com/hackathon

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