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Remember to Breathe!

As cryptocurrencies reach new all-time highs and interest spikes, many of us have become drawn to its promises. In the last week alone I’ve gone through crypto games, mining apps, interest earners, wallets, exchanges, article publishing websites, digital farms and various other randomnesses. Although this is enticing and exciting, it’s important to distinguish between unhealthy and healthy behaviors. There exist various risks associated with an addiction to the world of crypto to be aware of.


Becoming too hopeful for free currency can open one up to malware and harmful programs. Remember to check with websites such as reddit and scam flaggers for red flags and such before downloading any program offering free cryptocurrencies. 

Do not overload your PC for too long. Keep track of your computer’s temperature if engaging in mining programs consistently. GPUs and CPUs can be overburdened by an unmanageable load of tasks.

Most importantly, recognize when you are spending too much time at your computer. If you notice yourself micromanaging and checking balances every few minutes, try to occupy your mind with other activities. The cryptocurrency world is a profitable one but also one for the patient among us. Sometimes, you just need to sit back and relax, allowing the services you’ve opted in for to run on their own. Try not to get sucked down the hole of playing mindless games for pennies, harming your computer for cents and giving out personal information for obscure tokens. Breate!

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