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Replace Google with Presearch

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hi Guys

Since I am constantly researching my own company and the subject of crypto, I have put a high number of search queries to google and mostly found what I was looking for.

Thanks to Presearch I know that I can get paid for each of my searches on the net, in figures this is expressed in such a way that I get paid for my searches via Presearch.

A search 0.25 pre token

four searches 1 pre token (value in euros according to chart)

Of course, you can also search for terms that you already know in advance from your work history.

I manage almost all of my facilities like this.

For example, if I want to manage my Coinpot investments, I did so before presearching with bookmarks or with direct address entry.

This is how I do it with Presearch (only a partial example of my daily workload)

Moon Bitcoin 

Moon Litecoin 

Moon Doge

Moon Dash

Moon Bitcoin Cash

Bonus Bitcoin

Bit Fun

further systems: Freebitcoin

or any other term you want to search for.

as a registered user of these systems (Article: Coinpot Token)simply enter these terms into Presearch instead of google, every time you want to farm them.

Apart from your earnings on the respective crypto platforms, you now also receive pre tokens for every time you simply enter your desired investment via presearch.

Thank you for reading

your SMikeX420



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