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Reply to Craig Wright, who claimed the Bitcoin white paper

Craig Wright, who claimed the Bitcoin white paper and requested that the document be removed from the Bitcoin.org site, responded: We will continue to keep Bitcoin’s white paper on the site. Nor will we allow ourselves to be intimidated and condemned to silence.



Claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin for many years, and still standing behind his promise, Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright requested the removal of the white paper from Bitcoin.org, an open source, independent project that supports the development of the largest cryptocurrency. .

Submitted a request through his lawyers
While Wright had been claiming Bitcoin for a long time, he had sent letters to various institutions through his lawyers demanding that the Bitcoin white paper be removed from their site. It is stated that Wright claims copyright on the Bitcoin name and ownership of Bitcoin.org as well as the white paper.

“We reject the request”
With the statement made today from Bitcoin.org, Wright received an answer. The following expressions were used in the response from the site:

“We will continue to host the Bitcoin whitepaper. Nor will we allow us to be silenced and scared. Other institutions that maintain the Bitcoin whitepaper should also follow up against these false accusations. We believe these claims are worthless and we reject what is being claimed “

Bitcoincore.org removed the copy
However, it was seen that bitcoincore.org, the website of the developer team of Bitcoin, removed the copy of the white paper from the site, deleted the references and merged the changes with GitHub.

Regarding these changes, Bitcoin.org stated, “By handing over in this way, the Bitcoin Core organization almost carried ammunition to the enemies of Bitcoin, applied self-censorship and endangered its own union.”

The organization also informed that the Bitcoin technical paper was included in the original Bitcoin project files and that the project was authorized by Satoshi Nakamoto and released under the free MIT license:

“Moreover, Satoshi Nakamoto has a public PGP key. Therefore, people who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto can verify this by deciphering. Unfortunately Craig can’t do that. ”

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