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Russia’s Giant Bank Has Applied To Create Its Own Crypto Money!

It was stated that Sberbank, a giant Russian bank owned by the Russian state, requested approval from the country’s central bank to launch its own crypto currency with a blockchain platform.


In addition, it removed Binance from the black list, which was previously blacklisted by the Russian court, with the new decision.

If the Central Bank of the Russian Federation approves the bank’s application, Sberbank plans to get support from the blockchain platform to create its own cryptocurrency.


Anatoly Popov, the bank’s chief executive officer, stated that the bank’s digital asset is launching in the spring of this year.


In his statement, Popov emphasized that the bank has already tested the technology and that “he saw that this solution works”.


Registration of Russian law can take up to 45 days on average. The country’s central bank is using it during this time to examine the problems or challenges it has seen in the project.

All this shows us that Russia does not want to be left behind in Blockchain technology and prepare your best for it. This is a high case of more news coming in the future.

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