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sData Network Airdrop – Value $30 – Day 6/365

Picking up where I left yesterday, today is Day 6 of tracking new airdrops, and I will be featuring Search Data Network. I hope that what I am doing has helped some of you identify a project or two that they find interesting of your time and investment. As with all airdrops, some of the tokens and projects featured herein may have a bright future in the world of crypto while others will fail, due to many underlying issues.

Airdrop of the Day

Search Data Network (sData) is a project that analyzes charts, ratings + trade data through its decentralized platform. Frequency of information is updated every 2.88 sec. The airdrop will run until March 28, with token distribution taking place on March 29. As per their telegram channels they were recently listed on JustSwap exchange.

To register in the Airdrop and claim your rewards you will need Telegram.

Airdrop Link



  • Solve anti-bot captcha
  • Follow their Telegram channels
  • Visit their website
  • Estimated time for tasks 2 minutes
  • After you finish the tasks you can submit your TRC-20 address * If you do  a TRC-20 wallet address you can get one either through either Tronlink or TrustWallet.

Rewards – 30 USD worth of sData coin.

sData Network Website:


White Paper:



  • Built on Tron network
  • Ticket sData coin
  • Circulation of 7,700,000 coins

Unfortunately their website is quite new and does not feature any roadmap as to direct possible investors on their next steps and what to expect from them. The news mentioned is their website is that they are currently developing their iOS and Android app.


The links are there to do your own research & DD.


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