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$SFUND Token News – Contract, BSCscan Verification, Vaults & Upcoming Team.Finance Integration

Hello Seedify.fund community members,

Today we are ready to release news on:

  • SFUND token contract
  • SFUND BSCscan verification
  • Information on our separate vaults 
  • Integration we will have with team.finance on liquidity and token lock features and transparency related features we will gain from this integration

Without further due let’s start with our token contract:

  • SFUND token contract: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12
  • Token symbol: SFUND
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token type: BEP-20

After the token has been created, we contacted BSCscan and got the information and ownership verified. On BSCscan our token is updated with Seedify.fund website, socials, and logo! 

***When checking our token contract in BSCscan, if you see any other SFUND page without these information in the future, know that it is a scam. Also always make sure the token contract number is the same as this information.

Regarding separate vaults, the initial circulating supply of $SFUND token is distributed among 3 vaults, as per Seedify.fund whitepaper’s tokenomics part:

These vaults will be used for these functions: 

  • The airdrops, contest, lottery, and other community rewards will be distributed from Seedify.fund Community Rewards vaults.
  • The Funding Pool will be connected to our DAO, through a multisig wallet, which will transfer funds to projects selected by our community when our DAO and project proposals dashboard is launched. 
  • The Operations Pool will be used for development, legal, team building and headcosts, third party solutions, exchange listings, liquidity, and growth related subjects

Also, we also created the liquidity mining program (yield farming) vault;

  • This vault has 9m SFUNDs in it.
  • Vault address: 0x30b690d2b4ff6d2fb3657a1e123efd9e9a1ede88
  • This vault will not in the initial circulating supply, the first release will happen with the start of the liquidity mining program, and progressively released in 10 months for liquidity mining/yield farming rewards. 

They will be unlocked according to monthly rewards schedules described in Seedify.fund whitepaper tokenomics part, under liquidity mining program section; 

  • 1.5 million tokens each month for the first 3 months
  • 1 million tokens each month for the next 2 months after the first 3 months
  • 500.000 tokens each months for the next 5 months after the first 5 months

These rewards will be given to liquidity providers, who provide liquidity to SFUND pairs such as SFUND-BNB at decentralized exchanges on BSC, like Pancakeswap and such. The LP tokens will be stakable at our liquidity mining web app connected to our yield farming smart contract. More news on this smart contract and yield farming dashboard will be shared during March, and they will be uploaded to mainnet after security audits.

Bear in mind that, liquidity mining program for earning SFUND and staking for getting tokens from projects Seedify.fund funds, are two separate systems. 

  • In liquidity mining program, yield farmers will stake their LP tokens to get SFUND rewards.
  • In staking program, stakers will stake their SFUND tokens to get rewards from all projects Seedify.fund funds after community DAO votings
  • The first program that will be launched will be liquidity mining program, whereby you can increase your SFUND stake, while providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges. 

Regarding staking vault, for distributing tokens from projects that Seedify.fund community funded through the DAO; the vault has already been created, but since this vault will only distribute tokens from other projects to stakers it has no SFUNDs in it:

  • Vault address: 0xeaD0e2eA8834024d6F2eDb932B148b9f6e68862A
  • In the future, this vault will do the token transfers from all the projects Seedify.fund funds, at the end of each epoch to stakers, after the release of our project proposals and DAO dashboard.

And final news, regarding the liquidity and token locks as well as vesting schedules on each lock:

  • We will have a collaboration with team.finance which is the most popular blockchain application for token locking and vesting schedules, as well as liquidity locking
  • We decided to integrate with team.finance on these features, because their system is secure, scalable and highly transparent, and currently holds about 422 million $ worth of locked tokens, and 43 million $ worth of liquidity tokens from over 400 projects.
  • Their system let’s even the most non-technical users see everything about a project’s lock schedules, fully confirmed through their dashboards connected to smart contracts. Thus, transparency on our locks & release schedules will be on maximum through team.finance

We have been in communication with team.finance, and their Binance Smart Chain version will be available very soon. Formerly they have been providing this service mainly for Ethereum based tokens. As soon as they release their BSC version, we will be locking the tokens that are not in the initial circulating supply through their blockchain service platform, according to release schedules defined in the tokenomics part of our whitepaper.

Our token distribution will start after we lock the tokens that are not on the initial circulating supply. Also when providing liquidity to pancakeswap, we will lock all the liquidity through team.finance’s app as well. 

When team.finance integration is done, we will announce it through our social channels, and then start to go ahead with the distributions!

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