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Smart Contracts for Bitcoin : BlockStack 2.0(A new way to earn BTC without using expensive mining equipment)

New upgrade BlockStack 2.0  will bring smart contracts in Bitcoin from 14th Jan,2021 . With BlockStack 2.0, STX holders can participate in network consensus and earn BTC. BlockStack is a blockchain which uses proof of transfer consensus protocol and uses Bitcoin as base layer for providing security to decentralized application.

BlockStack uses new novel programming language called Clarity for the new blockchain. This new language will allow developers to build smart contracts anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain. 




STX is the native token for Stacks 2.0 blockchain, allowing holders to participate in the consensus through a “Stacking.” Here, participants are awarded with BTC by using STX token to participate in blockchain governance. It means that it is a new way to earn BTC without spending money on expensive mining equipment.

This recent upgrade could be the revolutionary upgrade as BTC can be earned through STX token by participating in blockchain governance. Since, It is a recent upgrade we can’t be sure whether it will be success or not. Time will show whether it is beneficial for blockchain community or not. 

More info can be found on :  BlockStack

GitHub : BlockStack


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