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So What If Brave Browser Gathers Data and Partners Recieve Our Data – Here is Why!

Recent reports that I am not even going to link to… search for yourselves on this one because I am not a fan of what the media did here in respect to Brave Browser and its use if our data with their partners, the accusation is sketchy in my opinion – here’s the thing…

I am amazed at how many Internet users feel that they should have a free ride when visiting the average website – however when website companies are actually pay ‘you and I’ to use their services, or browser in Braves’ case, then those bleating about ads being shown to them via data exchanging for pay towards costs, that incidentally are exactly one such reason in that those partners and ads, are the ads from partners payiing us the user in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) via Brave Browser – I do not see a case argument for Brave not using that data of ours in gathering knowledge in what products and Brave partners serve us – the paid surfer!

Sabotaging Brave via a moan about advets being served in your interest and the wealth shared with yourself or I (as I use Brave without question the best browser) seems detrimental to what is being achieved by Brave, it is not great for creators who benefit, and the BAT us users are being paid – and also effects negatively on Basic Attention Token value, plus amounts paid to you or I.

Take Braves ability to converse with partners in developing how we engage with products we are already geared towards – and at such a low level amount of data in any case – then you take away the exact service you joined up to use Brave Browser for – end of Brave simple. 

Not everything the media suggests has the same meaning in the real world – take this news about data and privacy erosion via the media about Brave and make of it what you want – but Brave are not a shady company – their reputation is way to big to be stupid – unlike Google who do as they please…


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