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Stake and participate in DeFi with Keysians and Ankr

With talk about yield farming, liquidity mining, and various other DeFi use cases, Ankr has been looking for ways for its users to start generating an extra stream of income on staked assets.

We have seen ETH surging to new local highs the last few days off of ETH 2.0 and DeFi buzz, so it is no surprise that our latest client, Keysians, is a project pivoted to capture market share in DeFi.

The main issue that comes with staking is that funds typically need to be locked up. With Keysians, it’s possible to finally have your cake and eat it too! Users are able to reap the rewards of staked tokens but also trading if they so desire.

Keysians’ unique DeFi use cases

The Keysians team is building a financial channel, turning staked assets into flexible and tradable financial products. Through the channel, users get benefits of staking and trading simultaneously and can stack rewards further with yield farming and liquidity mining.

Other options include opening a leveraged stake position and hedging against assets with the Keysians platform.

Interoperability is achieved through leveraging Polkadot’s consensus algorithm, as a Parachain for staking liquidity.

Deploying DeFi with Ankr and Keysians

Ankr is excited to be powering the node infrastructure of this revolutionary project, adding to our broad portfolio of enterprise clients.

One of the Ankr’s major use cases is to make it easy and affordable to run PoS nodes and stake assets to earn passive income. With most PoS protocols, staking means locking your tokens inside a node, reducing the users’ liquidity on the secondary market.

This is different with Keysians node operators. As a node operator, you can:

  • Issue derivatives in the form of synthetic tokens
  • Sell staked assets with a time threshold
  • Users for the first time to earn from staking/issuance of underlying assets’ derivatives at the same time.

In addition to hosting the Keysians node infrastructure, we are taking on the challenge to provide one-click node hosting for Keysians nodes, so that our users can start generating an extra stream of income on their staked assets.

Together with Keysians, we are eager to see where this venture into Web3 & DeFi takes our respective companies.

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