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STC Token fork Update! ($30,000,000 Raised!)


Student Coin has just revealed some information regarding the fork!

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The student Coin fork will be a switch from STC Token v1 into STC Token v2 at the Ethereum blockchain. Although both will have the ERC-20 standard, the STC Token V2 will be safer, lighter and upgraded.The fast development of the STC Ecosystem and a rapidly increasing gas fee at the Ethereum network led to the decision about the Student Coin fork. As it is outlined in the STC Roadmap, the STC Token fork will be performed in one week 🔥

P.S : $30,000,000 RAISED! Still three whole weeks of Launchpad left! AMAZING!


The Student Coin fork will be a switch from STC Token v1 into the STC Token v2. Both of the tokens will be based on Ethereum; however, the STC Token v2 will be upgraded into the safer and lighter version.

Please note that most of the STC Holders will have their STC Tokens switched automatically. Please check whether you will need to perform the swap.

The following group of STC Holders will need to perform the token swap manually:

  • Users holding STC Token in Ethereum-based wallets as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Ledger, etc.

The following groups of STC Holders will be not required to perform any action and don’t have to do anything regarding the incoming fork.

Either if you need to perform a token swap or no actions are required from your side, we invite you to check how the fork will benefit the STC Community and what is its timeline.


The Student Coin Token fork will switch the following old contract address:

0xb8B7791b1A445FB1e202683a0a329504772e0E52 (Old STC Token)

into the new version with the following contract address:

0x15b543e986b8c34074dfc9901136d9355a537e7e (New STC Token)

The new, improved version of the token will cause the following amenities for the STC Community:

  • reduction of the transfer fees at Ethereum
  • reduction of the trading fees at Uniswap
  • reduction of the fees for the STC-based token management at STC Terminal
  • reduction of the fees for the STC-based tokens trading and transferring at STC Exchange
  • compilation of the smart contract into a lighter and transparent code

You can read the full Medium Article for more info HERE

If you’re holding STC on an Exchange Wallet I suggest that you carefully read through the full article. 

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Student Coin has recently released its Wallet App on Android and IOS

You can Download them Now!

Google Play Store link 


IOS Store 


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If you haven’t invested in STC yet you are still in time to get it at a reduced price!

Student coin is currently trading at around $ 0.02229 on Uniswap, Coin Tiger and Waves Exchanges ( Prices may vary per market)

Student Coin is currently being sold at $0.0184 from their website 

Student Coin has recently reached its Hard Cap of $21 Million and has completed its 100 phases of ICO. However, due to the demand and timeline, you are still able to buy STC at a discounted price before it launches on Major Exchanges in May. 

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