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Student Coin : 30 millions$ raised, the v.2 STC is coming !

New announcement from the Core Team regarding the Student Coin project. Indeed, last night, the 30 million dollars have been raised, which means that we are currently in phase 113 of the project.

However, the big announcement is the STC Token Fork!

What is the STC Token Fork?

The Student Coin fork will be a switch from STC Token v1 into the STC Token v2. Both of the tokens will be based on Ethereum; however, the STC Token v2 will be upgraded into the safer and lighter version.

It means that a new version of the STC will be established and will replace the current version. We will see what this means for people with STC token, what to do if you need to make adaptations and what the benefit of this v.2 STC change is. This change will take place on Wednesday, April 14 and the entire stage will last 2 months until the first STC version is dropped.


Who should make the switch?

Fortunately, only a minority will have to make changes manually to switch to the new STC version. Here is a picture of the conditions that must be met in order NOT to make the switch manually.


The only people who will have to make the switch manually are those who have STC v.1 at ERC20 wallets such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Ledger, Trezor, etc.

How to make the switch?

Here is a simple and pictorial way to make the exchange if you own STC on such wallets. You will have to migrate your STC on the new address of the new STC v.2.


So be careful when you make this change so as not to lose all your STC.

What are the benefits of this change?

Here’s why the Core Team made these changes and what it will mean for STC owners :


It is not too late to invest in this project which will clearly explode once listed on the largest exchanges. To buy STC, go to the STC Launchpad HERE. By buying directly on the STC Launchpad, you will not have to make the changes described in this article and you will also benefit from a 5% bonus when you buy your STC.

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See you soon for more STC news.

The Unknown

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