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Student Coin App Released on IOS!🔥🔥🔥

Student Coin App Released on IOS

If you’re reading this and you haven’t registered yet, here’s your chance! Click here

The Student Coin wallet app has just released on IOS and you can download it HERE



It is looking really neat and organised. More features to be announced and made available on the app later on!

This includes :

  • Staking STC tokens
  • STC Exchange – to buy STC-based tokens releasing later on this year
  • Crowd Funding – The ability to crowdfund an STC-based project you like!
  • Voting – Voting for future projects and developments in Student coin

Check it out if you’re on IOS!

Android Version will be coming soon this week as it is currently under review by Google for the Playstore.

If you haven’t invested in STC yet you are still in time to get it at a reduced price!

Student coin is currently trading at around $ 0.02129 on Uniswap, Coin Tiger and Waves Exchanges ( Prices may vary per market)

Student Coin is currently being sold at $0.0173 from their website 

Student Coin has recently reached its Hard Cap of $21 Million and has completed its 100 phases of ICO. However, due to the demand and timeline, you are still able to buy STC at a discounted price before it launches on Major Exchanges in May. 

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The party is on! Get involved TODAY! CLICK HERE  

You can buy STC at a discounted price from their website HERE (5% bonus included)

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