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Technical View Scenarios in Ethereum

It stands out with its technique besides DeFi


Ethereum 239.95 USDT (0.51%)

The recent popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) tokens supports Ethereum fundamentally, while Ethereum’s technique also stands out. With today’s decline, it was 10 USDT below its yesterday’s high, while the amount of funds for its active futures reached its highest level in 3 months.


When we consider the ETH / USDT parity technically, the Ethereum chart, which started in March but ended in June, is trying to return to the uptrend trend, and the “Pull Back”, that is, the trend continues and retracts. On the other hand, the cruise on the Bollinger bands also works quite beautifully and consistently. The upper band 248, the middle band 232.8 and the lower band 217 USDT level determines the range. If clinging takes place at the level of 232.8, where the middle band passes during the day, the daily reactions to possible reactions may be considered.

ETH, Daily chart


Resistors: 242/248/257

Supports: 232/227/217

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