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The Crypto Market Continues to Skyrocket


Going to the Moon

Read OKEx’s Market Watch Weekly to read in depth news on the amazing price of Bitcoin and the other Altcoins. Bitcoin has had 7 straight weeks of incredible gains and is at it’s all time Market cap high. Altcoins have shot through the roof and XRP gained 62%, Cardano gained 43%, and OKB gained 34% last week. Defi is still hot and Yearn finance is up 40% but UNI is losing to Sushiswap at this time. Most of all the price of Ether is up and the Genesis block for Ethereum 2.0 is almost ready to start.

Altcoins Dominate

Altcoins are spiking in value while Bitcoin seems to slow down a little. Bitcoin’s market dominance has dropped to 62% and Altcoins are dominating. Here are some big winners:

  • Cardano (ADA) is up 18% in one day.
  • ARDR is up 46%.
  • Waves is up 42%

The notable loser is Bitcoin Cash ABC which is down 8% most likely due to internal division about their protocol update. Most of all if Bitcoin breaks it’s 20,000 USD resistance mark it could shoot to price levels the market has never seen. Exciting times!

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