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The free cash from June – my month in cryptocurrency (Interest, profit and portfolio)

 First i will start with my portfolio. 


My main position is in BTC (26%) at the moment, used to bring interest of various DEFI platforms. Next are two DEFI tokens CEL (16%) & CRO (9%). They used to be much less but i can’t complain if they were increasing very fast. NEO (12%) is another one of my bets, especially with NEO 3.0 update on the table. Tezos (XTZ) is now down to 6%, used mainly for stacking on Kucoin (still on offer – 14.34% interest on Savings Staking). Ant the last major position goes to ETH with 5%, i am actively try to increase this in the next 6 months, before the PoS. 

My portfolio is up + £265 in relation with the aquisition cost. 

Ok, that was the boring part. 

Let’s see the profits:

Celsius – £51.17 from interests and promo codes

Zen Masternode – £4.03 from rewards

Crypto.com – £3.60 from staking CRO/MCO

Publishox – 20.82 LRC. 7.91 BAT, 10.28 DAI transfered to my wallets.

Blockfi – £0.66 in BTC interest

I have also £33.84 made with different faucets (Coinpot, cryptofaucet), Coinbase Earn, Brave, XYO phone mining, GAS from NEO and Brave Browser BAT which i count all together because we are talking about lots of small amounts moved through the month. 


So, at the end of the month, i had £93.53 made from crypto (this is $116.18 for my American friends). These are amazing good news for me, as at the beginning of Coronavirus outbreak in March i would have only £7 monthly return from my cryptocurrencies. 

Now my focus in July is on buying up to 1 ETH, in multiple small steps. If you want to check any of my income sources, there is a list of links bellow for both platforms and websites (some may be referral, some may have bonuses explained in my other blog posts, ask me if you have any questions). 



My crypto-related links  (check ratings – 1 to 5 stars based on my personal experience)


Games to gain crypto

***** League of Kingdoms – link here: similar with Heroes of Might and Magic (worldwide – paying in DAI)

**** DogeWars – link here (paying in Doge, 10-100 Doge initial investment, fight bosses and 1vs1 arena)



***** Binance( good for staking/savings ) – link here

***** Kucoin( good for staking/savings ) – link here

***** Coinbase( ideal for beginners )- link here  



**** BlockFi (decent interest rates, but less choices than Celsius) – link here

***** Celsius.network (good rates of interests and monthly codes for free crypto, 1235256530 => my referral for $10 bonus  ) – link here

**** Coinbundle (investing in crypto bundles) – link here  

**** Stakecube (staking, masternodes and very easy to claim faucets for 28 coins/tokens) – link here


Wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies

***** Coinpot – link here (microwallet for all Moon faucets, Bitfun and Bonusbitcoin)

***** Atomic wallet – link here (microwallet for Publish0x DAI, BAT and Loopring)

***** Spherewallet (for Horizen, combined with the faucet for extra bonus) – link here  

**** Crypto.com wallet (good interest staking and 50$ bonus in MCO) – link here


Free crypto (faucets and more)

****Lbry.tv (free crypto for watching or making videos) – link here

**** Bitfun( 3 min countdown – automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) – link here

*** Bonusbitcoin( 15 min countdown – automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) – link here

**** Moon Bitcoin ( 5 min countdown – automatically deposit to Coinpot wallet ) – link here

***** Horizen faucet ( 20 hours countdown – automatically deposit to Sphere wallet ) – link here

*** Tezosfaucet ( 7 days countdown – automatically deposit to Coinbase or Binance wallet ) – link here

** Tron and other crypto faucet (24 hours countdown) – link here  



***** Publish0x blog (Free BAT, DAI and Loopring for reading/writing – can combine with Atomic wallet) – link here

***** Brave browser (Free BAT for using it, based on paid ads, very good AdBlocker and high speed) – link here    



Disclaimer: This text also can be re-published on my personal blogs, such as this one.


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