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The Interesting Story of how I created my first NFT on Mintable

There is no way I can say that I am a pro with regards to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the general system and workings of that entire ecosystem. At the least I am fascinated by the activities and trends, and at best I am a cautious explorer of the possibilities the ecosystem promises.

Recently, there have been reports of artists and the likes selling their creations and whatnot for phenomenal amounts by way of NFTs. Even Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, also rocked the internet with the report of his intended sale of his first ever Tweet as an NFT.

As someone who is significantly curious about all these things, I have been doing a lot of reading up on NFTs and what the fuss is all about. I even had offline conversations with people I know in the music business, artistes and such, to get a sense of their interest and hopes as far as NFTs are concerned. I got mixed reactions, with some expressing a lack of interest or even believe in the whole thing.

But as someone who missed a solid chance with Bitcoin back in 2015 as I detailed in this earlier article I published, I remained curious and kept an open mind without necessarily knowing how I could ever quite participate or be a part of this current NFT wave. This was until I read this article by @Smoljanović today and decided to give it a go, finally.

So, this is how I decided to jump on NFTs.

As you can tell from my bio on here, I am a published author and I had dreams of a career as a fiction writer with several book title publications to my credit. I have not given up this dream just yet, but my first and only publication so far is my 2013 Novella “DAPPLED THINGS”. I will spare you the story of how it took me almost three years to publish this book, even though the manuscript was done and ready in early 2011.

As I sat thinking of what would be a great and ‘useful’ NFT to trade from all my different endeavours in this life so far, I remembered my first love and rummaged through my archive to see what I could sell. I first thought of listing the original book cover design for the book, but then I remembered I was one of the early authors in my country to do a book trailer to promote my book at that time. I searched through and found the first animation book trailer that I commissioned but decided not to use at the time. I knew this was it, this was going to be my first NFT listing, an unreleased version of the book trailer for novella ‘Dappled Things’.

In trying to test out Mintable’s offering for NFT listings, I have now gone on to create my very first NFT. On there I say that owning this item would mean you will have exclusive access to view, own and use this trailer that was quite ahead of its time in 2013 when the book was published.

The Interesting Story of how I created my first NFT on Mintable

I honestly do not know how to feel about this, especially as I struggled to come up with a reasonable price for it. But then again, how do you define what is a reasonable price for a first tweet? Any ways, I can now say I have a non-fungible token available for sale, and it would be interesting to see how it plays out.

As always, seeing how this community has quite become my guide and learning point as I make sense of this crypto journey, your thoughts and suggestions are very much welcome. And if you would love to be the first to view and own an exclusive 1:01 minutes of an interesting book trailer, you should check out my NFT listing on Mintable. Who knows, if you ask me nicely here, I just might drop my asking price for you 😊.

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