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The redeeming of Crypto.com – UNI and DOT

I am still sorely disappointing with CryptoCom latest behavior, as they drastically reduced the staking rewards with no prior warning. They increased them a bit after everyone complained about it, but the trust in their product is gone, as this is the second time when they surprise everybody (first was the Monacoin – CRO forced exchange, after they previously crashed the MCO tokens on purpose). The CRO token was dumped massively, losing 38% of its value as per today. Not nice, and the more you trusted them, the heavier the losses. Just imagine having 100k in CRO and losing 38k dollars in one week. 

To be honest, i do not think that they will ever recover the rank #9 achieved last year in the Top 10 Crypto (they dropped on #16 at the moment). They are still doing regular promotions (The Syndicate) where they sell different crypto at 50% of the price, but you need staked CRO and at least $5000 traded in the last month. Some people trade stablecoins back and forward to achieve that $5000 amount, but it is not worth the effort in my opinion, as the amount of profit is quite small in many cases, due to a high number of participants. 

The other initiative, although a dubious one, is The Supercharger, allowing you to deposit CRO and farm UNI (from 1st to 30th of October) with no gas fees, and you can add or withdraw any time. But, as always, there is a catch, you will be paid in the following month (from 1st to 30th of November), according to how much you deposited in the pool. I did that, and there are few days left until next month, so i can see how much UNI is farmed daily. Next on Supercharger, starting from 30th of October, is Polkadot (DOT) with $250.000 allocated for this. There is also a Syndicate event, on 10.11.2020, but i will not participate in it. 

If the UNI farmer is negligible, this will make me 100% ready to sell all my CRO  and move to another platform. Funny enough, i still did not received the new client 50$ bonus, as i staked the needed crypto, and i am still expecting my card to come to me. Meanwhile, sneakily, the crypto requirements needed to be staked for the credit cards was increased 250% percent. Yes, this just happened few days ago. 

Enough said, i do not trust and i do not recommend CryptoCom anymore. 

Yours truly, 



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