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The Top 10 Things I Hate in Crypto-Life

Disclaimer:  I want to know what you hate, too.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things that hinder me on a daily basis.  It’s a habit for me, as an aspiring inventor one of the best places to look for ideas is to find things around you that are bothering you, and then come up with a prototype for a solution.

Think of the movie Garden State where the primary character’s childhood friend became extremely rich by inventing “silent velcro” which works just like velcro but doesn’t make the irritating noise velcro does.  No doubt, this was thought up by someone who was trying to make less noise, for whatever reason.

Still, an idea is born and a solution is created.  I hope we can continue to do the same with cryptocurrencies.

Relevance:  In order to change something for the better we must first identify what is bothering us about it.

In the hopes I could find solutions in a similar manner related to crypto, I’ve decided to talk about some things that drive me insane.

The Top #10 Things I Hate About the Crypto Lifestyle:

#1 – Basic crypto economy and transactions may as well be rocket science to most people.

This makes it highly difficult to promote tokens and delays progress in an otherwise booming marketplace.  It’s a minority marketplace despite its success as of late.

#2 – Crypto isn’t supported by a single store I am aware of anywhere near me.

There are very few things I purchase that I can pay for in crypto directly.  Bitcoin is the only token most normies even know the name of, and Ethereum based tokens have a long way to go before integration.

#3 – People who think they know how crypto works but really have no damn clue, yet insist to misinform others.

It’s detrimental and stupid.  I see this constantly, and I go through a lot of effort in researching things and updating my articles to ensure I don’t become that which I hate.

#4 – Paying transaction, exchange, or any other related fees.

DEX’s have helped a lot recently, but centralized exchanges are still quite bad.  I’ll never use BinanceUS again and while I like Coinbase, they could surely be less greedy.

#5 – Hardware wallets, ASIC miners, and electricity prices.

This is hell for anyone trying to make or save money.  Hardware wallets are not too bad when they go on sale.

#6 – Captchas.

I don’t even want to know how many I’ve had to do in my life, let alone the last year.

#7 – Wait times, particularly on payouts.

I don’t care if it is a single day or less, it’s 2020 – everything should be near-instant.  This applies equally to Bitcoin confirmations, and to cash-out wait times.  No one wants to wait for anything anymore, especially their money.

#8 – Faucets.

They are additional semi-passive income so I keep up with daily claims or more when I’m not busy.  However, they are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

#9 – CryptoTab.

Referral links are annoying enough – I keep mine below in my signature as a way to not drive people insane as they read my articles.

However, I believe this one should be outlawed.  Anyone who knows anything about mining can tell you it’s not worth running – literally.  Seeing a total garbage browser like this being promoted alongside a great browser such as Brave for purely personal gains is corrupt.

#10 – Buying high, and selling low.

Don’t lie, unless you are a statistical anomaly – this has happened to all of us at least once due to life circumstances.  It’s equivalent to a kick in the nuts, for me.


I’d like to hear what everyone else hates about cryptocurrencies and living a crypto-oriented lifestyle.

I’m happy to discuss these matters in the comments.  Good ones will be added to the list, and then I can start thinking of solutions.

Stay home & Stay safe!

-Thomas Wolf

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