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The world’s most secretive Bitcoin wallet handled over $1 billion

The largest secret Bitcoin wallet has just been emptied. But where did the money go?


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The largest Bitcoin wallet that belongs to an unknown entity or individual has recently moved 101,857 BTC, worth just over $ 933 million. The transfer was first noticed by the automated cryptocurrency tracking service “Bitcoin Block Bot” on June 27.

And for that glaring transaction, the mysterious owner of the wallet paid only $ 0.48 in fees.

The address was documented because the richest among non-currency (exchange) BTC portfolios in April, when it held 0.55% of all Bitcoin existing at the time. And even in comparison to the most exchanges, it came in third place – behind Huobi and Binance.

Although the funds belonging to the exchanges are comprised of client funds, it’s not clear who actually owns Bitcoin at this address. it’s possible that it’s going to even be an exchange portfolio or belong to major Bitcoin investors, like the Winklevii.

(After contacting a Reddit user, Decrypt acknowledged that the wallet belongs to BitStamp through the BitGo custody platform. However, when contacting the 2 companies, Debra Bar, BitGo’s director of selling , said: “Thank you for contacting us. For privacy reasons, we are unable to verify customers or their addresses.”)

The funds were sent to more unknown portfolios. consistent with Blockchain.com, the recent $ 933 million transaction was split between two anonymous receipt portfolios. the primary received 5,000 BTC (US $ 45.8 million), while the rest received 96,857 BTC (US $ 887.4 million). the most important wallet is now the second largest Bitcoin wallet, consistent with BitInfoCharts. It follows only Huobi’s cold wallet.

The original portfolio was financed for the primary time on April 1 of this year – through a really similar transaction – and really little of its Bitcoins had been moved thus far . Perhaps the responsible investor wan


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