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These are the newest Bitcoin cloud mining scams finding people like you for your money. I know you won’t be one. Find it out.

What a new day with a new list of new scam. I know, I am using ‘new’ a lot. Actually, it is new. Let us get to the point. 

There are many scams taking birth everyday. Now, I can’t be putting all scams and keep verifying all of ’em. I got a life too. I know, you guys never said me to do so😁☹️. Hmm, I mean there are a lot of scams and I only mention those who are attractive and seem to be legit. Thanks for your support and attention. You make awareness happen. Following websites are completely new and I am including one extra. Why? It is funny. I will say the reason in that section of my article, particularly in the end. Let us begin. 

Bit-connect.online- A scam website with just being two days since registration. That is why they were hasty and made mistakes in their writing. But still good effort. However, their website design is completely classic and has nothing to do with profession. They just made it for money accumulation. They offer 6 different plans each being attractive. From 4 percen hourly for 50 hours to 170 percent after 7 days. Who will choose the last plan? The first plan offers 200% after 50 hours. You are going to laugh 😂. No, this is not the one which is funny. Imma say it at last. The company number provided is, guess what, a real company number. What is new😕🙄? Oh, the company is dissolved. Yeah, and the company name is BTPERFEX LTD and was dissolved on 2016. Wow, it means any one can do such things. Yeah, it is an open source since it is a company. Ending it readers. 


Argochoice.space- Everything is perfect for their motto in the domain name, only change made should be replacing argo with loss. Yes, the choice for loss and the space of loss, if you choose to invest. This one has used different subject to attract people. It uses the concept of agro investment. Giving you packages of ginger, potatoes, maize bla bla bla😂😁🤣. I laugh a lot. They offer from 5 percent daily for 30 days to 225% for 45 days. They haven’t provided any company information. They enjoy the money you invest. But you face pain of loss. Oh! I forgot to mention the age. Just 10 days since registration. Enjoy, not their website but your life. 


Now, for the funny one. I keep thinking and laugh. Apologies, because you might not feel that funny. Every person has their own sense of humour. Enjoy if you find it funny else enjoy your day. 

Forexprofits.biz- Another biz with same motto alike other scam. What is so funny about it? They say their biz started on 2016 and has been 1576 days. It can be true but the domain was created just 2 months ago. This one was added so it is not new. They have a total investment of 3000 dollar in total. They took away your money. For those who invested, my sombre to you. What made them get so many investments? Their age. Yes, that thing made people think it is legit. How? Such an old website with real investments, why not enjoy the profits. But the truth never hides. I exposed, sorry many did, I am one amongst them. They offer from 0.5% per day for 365 days to 2000% for a period of 125 days. They are completely made for collecting money and running away. Fine, you are bored. I am ending it. 



Before ending, oh please let me say these. Thanks for that patience you hold right now,

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