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Top 10 Tokens most have risen last 7 days

I am back with the Top of the tokens that have seen their price increase the most in the last week. At least 10%.

This scheme is very volatile and due to this characteristic, typical of almost all cryptocurrencies, in a matter of hours it could vary enormously.

This table can serve as a guide in cases where we want to mark a fast and profitable trade to get some profit.

The Curve token continues to be at the Top, belonging to the most consistent Lending platform so far. Last week, exactly 8 days ago it was at $ 1.55 and now it is at 1.62.

Another token to highlight is Alpha Finance Lab, which due to its recent news about its expansion and improvements in its protocol has increased the interest of many investors in betting on it.

I also want to mention Reef. PancakeSwap and Binance gave it a lot of promotion last month by opening pools to do Farming.

As a surprise, the tokens of Axie Infinity, one of the most popular Ethereum blockchain games.

top 10 tokens most has risen

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