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Top Things You Should Know about Kyber Network (KNC)

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Kyber Network

Kyber is a fully on-chain liquidity protocol that can be implemented on any smart contract enabled blockchain. Kybers solution allows liquidity to be aggregated from diverse sources into a single network, which in turn provides a single endpoint for takers to seamlessly perform multiple token trades in a single blockchain transaction. Kyber allows liquidity to be moved freely and transparently between different chains. Kyber enables a much more connected liquidity network between various blockchain ecosystems. 

Kyber Core
Kyber Core is an implementation of the protocol that has major protocol functions to allow actors to join and interact with the network. Kyber Core smart contracts provide functions for the listing and delisting of reserves and trading pairs. Reserves are liquidity sources in the network that provide liquidity in terms of tokens inventory and prices on their smart contracts.

Relays will be used to transfer assets between the different blockchains to enable trading activity across blockchains. The relays can be designed to be open and trustless so anyone can join and relay transactions.

Kyber Network Crystal
Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an integral part of the Kyber Protocol. It will serve crucial economic, governance and treasury functionalities across all implementations of the protocol. KNC will be used for governance at the protocol level and for the networks on different chains. The exact usage of KNC in different chains is dependent on the specific implementation. KNC will play an ever more crucial role in ensuring that Kyber continues to evolve as a cohesive economic and purposeful community.

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