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Bitcoin is about to make a big move . As you can see in the graph, bitcoin is aligned to operate in the short term


We have clear horizontal triangle of bitcoin with excellent patterm when we see that the price of bitcoin bounces so perfectly above the support to converge, it implies that he´s ready to make a big move and they always end up in a price explode.


To analyze this we have a plot of the volumen.


Simultaneously with the indicated pattern, this is the best signals to let us understand that it is ready to have a burst of receiving a lot volume in a certain direction and it will happen in the next few hours 

For this, the width of the triangle is measured and it is measured from the possible breaks and thus we prepare for two alternatives. we are traders if it goes down or up we can take advantage of that .




You only have to be vigilant in the ruptures on the descent or the rise. thanks for all u are welcome 😀 


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There is a post talking about page is realiable with results on profile .

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