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Update on Swissborg – How to get all CHSB tokens & Gaming Strategy for the Swissborg Community App

  • Introduction
    • About The Game
    • Prize Pool Distribution
    • Who can participate?
    • What are the rules?
    • Current Value of CHSB
  • How to get all CHSB tokens?
    • How to withdraw your tokens?
  • Gaming Strategy -The safest and easiest.



In this post I´d like to show you how to earn the first 250 CHSB from 1,750 CHSB tokens easily in one week and give you an additional strategy on the hand to get the remaining 1,500 CHSB tokens.

For the collection of the first 250 CHSB tokens, this guide is reflecting a safe strategy so you can also try a riskier one if you prefer. However, in the game of the Swissborg Community App you can earn up to 1,750 CHSB token, so the remaining tokens need a different strategy that is riskier to make it on time. Challenge ends this year Q3, exact date unknown. There are different ways to collect the tokens, this is my strategy you might have a different one. Please, share your strategy with me in the comment section. If you like the walk-through and you are just beginning the game you eventually consider to use my referal code OA62FUI, giving you 3000 points extra. Well, after a short introduction about the game the Walk-through is started, enjoy it. 

About The Game

The SwissBorg Community App is a price prediction game where players competing for a BTC prize pool as large as the number of registered users (currently at $163’295.00 Date: 2020-10-29-08:15-UTC+1).


 The prize pool is capped at a maximum of $500,000.00 in BTC.

Prize Pool Distribution

The player of the…
🥇🏆1st place receive 6% of the prize pool ($9’797.82)

🥈2nd place receive 2% of the Prize pool ($3’265.94)

🥉3rd place receive 1% of the prize pool ($1’632.94)

Players who get the….

🏅4th-10th place receive 0.5% of the prize pool ($816.46)

🎖🎖🎖11th-100th place receive 0.15% of the prize pool ($244.95)

🎖🎖101st-1000th place receive 0.02% of the prize pool ($32.66)

🎖1001st-10000th place receive 0.004% of the prize pool ($6.53)

🏵10001st-20000th place receive 0.002% of the prize pool ($3.27)


Current price pool distribution ranking list. The more players join the bigger the price pool get. 

CHSB Tokens (What is a CHSB token?) are earned by unlocking badges, Badges are unlocked by completing different tasks. 


Different Badges within the game need to be unlocked to receive the CHSB token.


Who Can Participate? 

Find here the list of supported countries.

What are the rules?

Rules can be found here.

What’s The Current Value Of One Single CHSB Token? 


How to get all CHSB tokens?

Step 1 – Download and install the SwissBorg Community App (Phone number required, you must be over 18 in order to receive the tokens).

Step 2– Apply the code OA62FUI  and get 3,000 betting points extra! After sign up you´ll start with 3,400 points!!! instead of 400 points.

Step 3 – The first 50 CHSB tokens. 

After 7 consecutive logins you have unlocked the Loyal Badge Level 1 giving you 2,200 points (1,400 points (7 x 200 points per day) + 800 points for a streak). (50/1750 CHSB)

Step 4 – The second 50 CHSB tokens.

Now, you should have around 5,600 points in minimum, unlocking the Overachiever Badge Level 1. (100/1750 CHSB)

Step 5 – The third 50 CHSB tokens. 

You should made at least 3 correct price predictions within the 7 consecutive daily logins unlocking Psychic Badge Level 1 (Use 200-point bets to avoid higher losses). (150/1750 CHSB)

Step 6 – The fourth 50 CHSB tokens.

Bet 1,000 points (balanced bet) unlocking the Risk Taker Badge Level 1. (200/1750 CHSB)

Step 7 – The fifth 50 CHSB tokens. If you had won the bet from Step 6, make a brave bet (5,000 pts. bet) otherwise if this is to risky for you,  you should repeat Step 3 to gather more points in order to make the bet unlocking the Risk Taker Badge Level 2. (250/1750 CHSB)

The so far earned tokens can be transferred at the end of the game from the SwissBorg Community App to the SwissBorg Wealth App.  But let’s get the remaining tokens.

Step 8 – The sixth 50 CHSB token.

If you´ve been successful  with Step 7 (now approx. 11,000 points) you can decide to go all-in, it is a daring bet with 10,000 points unlocking the Risk Taker Badge Level 3 or just play save and keep collecting the daily login points. (300/1750 CHSB)

Step 9 – The seventh 50 CHSB tokens.

After 14 days of consecutive daily logins you unlock the Loyal Badge Level 2 and get in total for this week +2,200 points. If you were lucky with your daring bet from step 8 you should have at least about 23,200 points. (350/1750 CHSB)

Step 10 – The eighth 50 CHSB tokens. 

In the next following seven days you should try to win 2 bets with 1,000 points. If you lose keep beting with 1,000 points in order to compensate the loses. At least you should win 5 of 7 bets. Or you download the SwissBorg Wealth App and check the Predictor tool in order to enhance your forecast! Bet only if the CyBorg predictor is at least 60%-70% confident in its prediction, this is symbolized by 3 full or 3 and a half circles. Before you bet, watch when the hourly asset analysis was conducted. Bet only with the most current analysis, visible by the note “updated less than an hour ago”. If you succeeded here, than you should have at least 25,200 points. Congratulation you unlock the  Overachiever Badge Level 2. (400/1750 CHSB)

Step 11 – The ninth 50 CHSB tokens. 

If you proceeded to login daily for the next week and made your bets than i can congratulate you to the Loyal Badge Level 3. (450/1750 CHSB)

Step 12 – The tenth 50 CHSB tokens. 

Within the last 21 days you played the game you have probably made 10 correct bitcoin price predictions correctly, unlocking the Psychic Badge Level 2. (500/1750 CHSB)

Step 13 – The eleventh 50 CHSB tokens. 

You probably unlocked the Overachiever Badge Level 3 by winning a daring bet 3 times, if so that is fantastic! But if not, don´t worry you can as well play safe. (550/1750 CHSB)

Step 14 – The twelfth 50 CHSB tokens.

The Psychic Badge Level 3 is pretty hard to achieve. If you were able to conduct 25 correct forecast in a row, well than i would ask myself why the fuck i´m just playing this game instead of becoming a full time trader xD (just kidding). However you probably need 2 or 3 additional weeks to succeed. (600/1750 CHSB)

Step 15 – The thirteenth 50 CHSB tokens.

The Popular Badge Level 1 is unlocked if you have anaged to invite 3 people with your referral code, which you might already did during the first week. (650/1750 CHSB) 

Step 16 – The fourteenth + fiveteenth 50 CHSB tokens (100 CHSB). 

The Popular Badge Level 2-3 are the utmost hardest part, if you are not a youtube superstar or have a huge network that’s great! Otherwise I recommend to ask 30 people to sign up for the game. (750/1750 CHSB)

Step 17 

After comppleting all badges, you will automatically unlock the Hall of Fame Badge, giving you the last 1,000 CHSB tokens. You probably manage to gather 10 referrals within the first 3 weeks.(1750/1750 CHSB)

I can say that you can enhance the chance to win a big chunk of the prize pool, if you just check out this post and reading it carefully otherwise you can jump into the blue and click the image below.

As mentioned before, to get a better feeling for your prediction use the machine learning AI Technical Analysis from the CyBorg Predictor from the SwissBorg Wealth App it updates hourly and is more accurate than its daily updated pendant in the SwissBorg Community App. The AI predicts the price movement for the next 24 h in most cases correctly, if it is confident in its analysis, but is not a 100% guarantee.

How to withdraw your tokens?

When the game ends you will be able to transfer your earned tokens to the SwissBorg Wealth App (phone number required), the exchange app from SwissBorg. From there you are able to do whatever you like with the coins e.g. staking, withdrawing, exchanging, holding. If you deposit €50 for free, you get a scratch ticket of a random value ranging from €1-€100 in BTC.

Wish you all the best and happy earning and gaming! Read here when you can redeem your tokens.

Gaming Strategy -The safest and easiest

The most easiest and safest way to gain constantly points when you are done with the badges or completed the first step of the following is:

1. Get about 20k points, after following the guide you easily will have it to spend.

2. Decide a market direction up or down and stick to it.

3. Place a Safe Bet with 200 points, betting market will get up.

4. In the case of a lost bet, place a Cautious Bet with 500 points, betting market will get up.

5. In the case of a lost bet on the next day, place a Balanced Bet with 1’000 points, betting market will get up.

6. I think you got it now. Here is an example of my betting strategy:


Gains per step:


Note: This is my safest and easiest strategy to gain points. A good strategy for those who don´t have the time to get in too deep in trading. You might have better strategies please let me know in the comment.


Don’t forget to subscribe to my promotion mentioned in this post !

In a nutshell:

I give you 50% of my reward ticket when you follow the described steps there!






If you have further questions feel free to contact me via.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Discord: Overmind#0055

Telegram: @SwissborgSwarm

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