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US Election Results Will Be Published on Blockchain

The Associated Press, an independent global news organization, is working with blockchain-based encyclopedia Everipedia to publish and distribute the results of the 2020 US elections directly onto a blockchain.

The results will be published via Everipedia, which runs on the EOS blockchain, and will use another blockchain called Chainlink.

“AP is the gold standard in counting votes and announcing election winners, and we are delighted to be working with Everipedia to use our race vocation in an innovative way,” said Dwayne Desaulniers, AP data licensing director.Decrypt.

To do so, the AP will cryptographically sign the data and publish its cryptographic keys via Everipedia’s Chainlink-powered data oracle. An oracle connects real-world data, such as election results, to the blockchain.

AP has been responsible for counting votes in every US election including national, state, and local since 1848. Now, the historic organization is turning to blockchain and its data oracle to add further transparency and trust to the process.

“This ‘oracle-as-a-service’ platform will be offered to leading industry organizations to publish data feeds directly on the blockchain. Organizations will be able to earn revenue to publish leading data on various topics including prices, election results, sports stats / scores, weather and news, “he added.

However, by using the blockchain oracle, there is a risk that is lurking, namely manipulation and hacking or software bugs.

Blockchain and Elections

Since vote counting is only one step of the voting process, blockchain technology will be minimally used in this case. Another voting project uses blockchain during the process. Several US states are already testing Voatz, a blockchain-based voting app, as a way of handling e-voting.

Sierra Leone, Russia and Estonia have also tested blockchain-based voting. In such cases, the blockchain usually takes care of user registration and voting, not just publicly available election results.

Nonetheless, the scale at which the Associated Press is working is a very interesting one. The fact that one of the largest news organizations in the United States has chosen to work with blockchain is especially important on sensitive issues such as election results.


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