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When it sounds like a scam and when not… the trust test.


Thank you all for follwoing me i appreciate your trust in me. I´d like to write about scams and my current situations trying to get more players in my team.

Scams are a serious problems in the crypto world, i know that and i got scammed. It cost me 100000 satoshis. I looked for more free crypto on the internet on airdropbob. And i found Swissborg. As i realised that this could be really big, i was totally addicted to this project due to the fact that you can win such huge amount in crypto. Though i started to play the Community App Game and proceed well. But at some point it didn´t go further. I am not good at forecasting the price. So i thought about an idea to climb higher the ranking list of that game. I knew i wouldn´t make it alone. That´s why i am announcing almost every day about the Swissborg Challenge and that i am looking for an earning team that help me to climb up the ranking ladder. In return i am promising to share the prize equally among them. But I know, the offer sounds too scammy… and you are right. If i would be you i wouldn´t join that offer too. A random guy is seeking for members offering a lot of his rewards, just to get the first price and probably vanish afterwards? All for nothing! As i said i wouldn´t do that either. As i said I know it sounds like a scam when…

– you are begged for something in advance unknowing to get it back

– the promise sounds too good to be true

– the offer is repeated multiple times

– you should trust the offer

– the person´s offer tries to convince you 

– it seems too non-realistic to reach the goal

– the effort is too much compared to the return

– you are alone trying to convince others

– increasing the offer from time to time.

-…. (please, you can add here something in the comments)


But it doesn´t sound like a scam when…

– you are distributing Airdrops in high volume

– you have a company or people behind you

– if you have proofed that you are honest

– you hold your word

– You pay in advance for the effort of your customer

– You are transparent, take off your pants.

– You have build up credibility

– …(please, you can add here something in the comments)

I would see my offer more on the upper list than the list below. How can i change that? How can you change that, how can you build up trust to an unknown community where almost everyone is hided behind an avatar and nick name? It is a huge hurdle to take. I constantly wrote that i will share my rewards, believe it or not I´ll do in the case you´ll join. I talked about myself, my real situation. If you can tell me what can i do to convince you please let me know. You can contact me @Pthioskamp on telegram or on Discord PublishxCrypto#0055 and we can make a video chat if you like. 

What would be your ultimate trust test? Tell me, I do it.

The offer

Detailed info about the offer can be found here and here.


I am sharing the price of the Community App with you and among all joiners equally, only one person have signed up so far. 

—> My Earning Team (Discord Server)

I am increasing my offer, I give you 66% of my scratch ticket reward from the Wealth App

–>Get your on-two-third-ticket (Swissborg demands a deposit of €50 to receive a scratch ticket.)

So what is your task?

All you need to do is this: 

  • 1. Download the Swissborg Wealth App (mandatory)
  • 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on Swissborg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €, with the earning from the reward you make a plus anyway) (mandatory)
  • 3. Tip this post (optional)
  • 4. Comment this post with your BTC address and your user name (mandatory)
  • 5. Download the Swissborg Community App (mandatory)
  • 6. Apply the Code: OA62FUI (mandatory)
  • 7. Retweet this post or tweet this post on Twitter (mandatory)
  • 8. Join the My Earning Team (mandatory)
  • 9. Forward and promoting this post to a friend (to win the first place mandatory)

More info in the Earning team chat on discord


I am just reaching out for you to win this challenge with you together! 


I hope you join my team, ready for take off.

All best,






If you have further questions feel free to contact me over 

E-Mail: [email protected]

Discord: Publish0xCrypto#0055

Telegram: @Pthioskamp


Images were taken from google image search and are partly modified.


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