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Where Is The Price Going Up? Multidimensional Litecoin Technical Premium Analysis

We want that you make real money with the cryptocurrency market, but we want you to do it calmly and in the way that the big players do. 

How they do? Very simple, they take some good beers while playing poker, they bet on the best card with a good planned strategy and then, they wait with great patience and confidence.

For that reason, in the following multidimensional analysis, we want you to know how far we really believe that the price of Litecoin will go in the short, medium and long term. 

Asset That Needs Patience

By the time this article was written, Litecoin was breaking the resistance zone of 214 and 228; and looking to test the 243 in a dominant move in W.

Just as Bitcoin was created as an alternative to partial gold substitution, Litecoin can be demonized as the viable alternative to silver. This suggests a high correlation between one asset and another, which allows us to recognize a good source to place our money without risk.


Many may have already realized that with the Ethereum network’s high feeds, various cryptocurrency fans are using other currencies to transact. In that order of idea, Binance Chain and Litecoin are being the best cheaper alternatives in those days.

The latter is summarized in a great interest of utility and greater volume of negotiations. A fact that we can significantly notice in some of the indicators, but that we must significantly emphasize something: Litecoin needs a lot, a lot of patience.

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