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Why smart companies are buying Bitcoin.

The world is undoubtedly changing with many firms looking for better ways to store value and keep it secure from inflation, Fiat isn’t  safe heaven with crescent countries in debt and printing more and more money which somehow could cause a new collapse and put the whole world in a new financial crisis.

Smart firms are taking steps in and secure cryptocurrency as their primarily fund of reserve, MicroStrategy is one of this companies who totally bought more than $420M in Bitcoin and doing that, they are investing in the best ways of store value, be protected from inflation (there are only 21M of total supply of BTC) it practical impossible to counterfeit and they can store it securely in personal wallets without giving third parties control over their fund.

Bitcoin is the best asset smart companies and individuals could put money on them and in long run one coin can have it’s value doubled or even quadrupled, the more demand it get the more value it could have.

Government money (Fiat) is consequently losing value, countries are in debt and the currency is losing value due to inflation, with many of this nations  putting more new money into market making the financial word unsustainable and in clear way of collapse. Doesn’t make sense right now store banknotes, as this ones in time will lose value and the same amount won’t pay what today is paying.

Decentralized assets are more sustainable and with time, gain more value making the long term holders to have their assets making profit for them. There are people who still buying Gold to maintain their assets secure, but I particular see that as good move for those who prefer to let their assets managed by third parties, and pay for that maintenance (Hodl Gold isn’t free and custodians who secure customers vault receive fees to keep it safe) making Bitcoin more reliable and secure than that.

The firms who buy Bitcoins today in 10,years will have billions in reserve than the ones who secure fiat on banks just laying off, be smart and store BTC.

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