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William Shatner Tokenizes Memories: Bitcoin & Star Trek

The favorite memories on the WAX blockchain were tokenized by William Shatner. Jon Rice stated these pieces are odd and they were the detritus of his life. It felt like leaving the dust of a comet back at his past. He talked about this on the 24th of June 2020.

One of the things that do not need to be preserved on a blockchain is the chuckle of William Shatner. It sounds self-deprecating to normal ears.

He is not intentionally adding his laugh to the #WAX blockchain, but he is launching a brand new set of fungible tokens trading cars that are not fungible. This is based on the memories he shared and the rarities gotten from this career that spans more than seven decades. Like those from a fresh newspaper that clipped to Shatner at his young age while he served as an understudy to Christopher Plummer’s Henry V.

Shatner becoming the original star of this franchise that got over ten billion dollars as money earned over the years, he sat in a command chair which fetched over three thousand dollars at auction. Since then, Shatner became quite aware of the importance of being authentic.

It is very important both to someone that wants to spend funds on something expensive and to someone that needs something different and special, one who wants to be sure something is not a fake. This was explained in an interview he did with Cointelegraph Magazine.

Watch the full livestream here: 


Blockchain Cuties NFT Week on Cointelegraph Magazine

Paul Camuso and Shatner got into the #blockchain world together and both made it using authenticity as their main ingredient. They have released several signed action figures of Captain Kirk using the platform. Using this new venture would let this memorabilia reach a much larger audience.

Tokenizing William Shatner’s memories

All the new trading cards of Shatner featured different life scenes. Starting from the 1930s to right now. Very few of those records remain till now, this is because I always believe what is to come counts better than what has past. As explained by #Shatner. This is why he has gotten rid of photos and memories because these are sources of pain for him.

It is possible he could be the only person in Telegram that does not immediately raise the specter of Sec angry investors, enforcement actions, and a huge ton of negative issues.

This is because, among this mix of materials present for the collectors, a telegram would be included. From producer Ray Stark(maker of the world of Suzie Wong) and he serves as the image of the star which acted Jupiter 8.

The reason Shatner tokenized his memories was that you need to look forward to each point in your life. Be grateful for your past but don’t remain there or get stuck. Because the past has nothing more to offer, it shall and always would remain the past.

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