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Win free cryptocurrencies by playing





RollerCoin – Play and win bitcoin



RollerCoin Play and win bitcoin, launched in
mid-april 2018

It is an online virtual mining simulation game
Bitcoins. This game follows the idea of ​​mining Bitcoins, but instead of completing complicated algorithms

RollerCoin will allow us to earn Bitcoins by playing
games and complete tasks.

In this article, I will try to explain the aspects
more basic RollerCoin and thus understand how to earn Bitcoins with this spectacular virtual mining game.

🔎What is RollerCoin?

As the same platform describes, it is an online simulation game of
Bitcoin mining launched in 2018. Always pursuing the idea of
distribution by blocks according to the mining power of each of its users,
Just like in real bitcoin mining.

In the game you must build and develop your own Mining Data Center, updating your equipment, making modifications to increase your mining power and managing the energy you use, just like in the real world, but without all the costs involved in purchasing equipment mining companies. The truth is that it is one of the funniest taps out there.


How does RollerCoin work?


RollerCoin offers us a unique experience trying to recreate the various processes that true Bitcoin miners face.

mining, rent payment, air conditioning repair, etc.

just click on the button with the word “GAMES” found at the top. There you will enter a screen with several games that RollerCoin has available to earn “GH / S” or mining power.


💰 How to earn Bitcoins at RollerCoin?

You will be able to choose a variety of mini-games that will allow you to gain power
determined and so get your first satoshis on the platform.


🕹️ Types of games on RollerCoin

Earning Bitcoins, they are:



Coinclick: In Coinclick, a small hamster will launch different cryptocurrency logos that you must click on before they fall to the ground, watch out for bombs
Token Blaster: The classic Space Shooter. You basically have to shoot all the ships and avoid getting hit.
Flappy Rocket: You have certainly played the famous “Flappy Bird”.
Basically, you must click to prevent the hamster from colliding with the
vertical bars.
Kryptonoid: in this you must move the bar and try to make the ball destroy
the boxes above.
Coin-Match: The classic “Bejeweled”, you must match more than 3 identical figures.
Crypto Hamster: In this you must jump with the hamster between the platforms
trying to get as high as you can.
2048 coins: in this game you must collect a minimum of two identical coins,
Each merger will create a higher value currency
Crypto Hamster: Click on the cards and find the matching pairs


As you play them. As a reward for this, each game will give you “GH / S” or mining power that will be valid for 24 hours.

🛒 How to have more mining power or GH / S in RollerCoin?

From satoshis. The quota you get for each block depends on your mining power. (the power accumulated by all users) is what will determine the size of your piece of the pie (block).


Virtual mining equipment from the store, these according to their cost will guarantee you stable mining energy every day.

📣 RollerCoin referral program

RollerCoin also has a referral system with which you can increase your earnings exponentially.

You will receive 25% of all profits from the people you invite, plus a 15% commission for each purchase made in the game.


💸 Does RollerCoin pay?

Yes, RollerCoin pays. To make your first withdrawal, you must go to your wallet by clicking on the wallet picture at the top of the portal. All you need to do is enter the wallet address and send the withdrawal request.

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0001 BTC.


Withdrawals are made manually, so there is a period of up to 48 hours to make them.

📝 How to register with RollerCoin?

Create an account



with your email or directly with your Facebook account, with
a few clicks will be enough to create it.

💬 Conclusion

RollerCoin has proven to be a safe tap with which you can get cryptocurrencies.

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