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Women & Cryptos


All industries interrelated with crypto do not stop expanding. FinTech has obtained exponential growth all over the globe, the number of startups related to blockchain are springing up strongly, Ethereum has surpassed the one billion dollars blocked due to the expansion of the conglomerate of companies that offer DeFi services that does not stop growing , banks and traditional companies begin to take steps towards the use of blockchain and state regulation begins to accept the reality of cryptocurrencies.

All over the world women face challenges in having their rights recognized. Be it the disparity in wages in Western countries, or the most inhumane repressions to which they are subjected in countries in Africa and the Middle East. Women’s liberation is an issue on the agenda that must be addressed urgently. And in this sector, as in most of the problems that affect our planet, cryptocurrencies can be of great help. As a means of promoting female empowerment. By providing women around the world with an income stream, either as crypto traders, or as experts in a rising sector like Blockchain technology.

At the end of the day, if the world economy will need anything for decades to come, they will be experts in this new technology, whether they are male or female. Therefore, by training in this area, women will be able to access previously unknown opportunities. That will allow them to gain autonomy and independence from their male peers. Something in which Gemini, the company of the Winklevoss brothers, works in alliance with the Mona Foundation and The Giving Block.

“The potential #crypto has to benefit women globally is transformative. This # IWD2020, we’ve partnered with Gemini & TheGivingBlock to raise awareness of financial disparities between the genders. ” Reads the Mona Foundation tweet.

Thus, Gemini and The Giving Block would be taking advantage of the facilities of cryptocurrencies to carry out operations worldwide, to finance a program such as that of the Mona Foundation. Demonstrating how the crypto world and feminist struggles can shake hands around the world.

This obvious growth started years ago and has reached this point thanks to the efforts and persistence of some personalities. The technology sector has traditionally had a stigma of not having a presence of women in the industry. In the crypto world this is not true, as there are many influential women in the space and therefore BeInCrypto has created a list of the top 10 women in the crypto and blockchain sector.

  • Elizabeth Stark – CEO Lightning Labs
    Elizabeth Stark is the founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, the primary company responsible for the development of the Bitcoin Lightning network. This additional layer is adapted to bitcoin and would allow the payment and sending of balances instantly.
  • Kathleen Breitman – Co-founder of Tezos
    Kathleen Breitman is the co-founder of Tezos. Possibly the most successful altcoin of 2019 and 2020 with impressive earnings and successful adoption cases when being used for real cases by various organisms.
  • Kelly Loeffler – Bakkt CEO and US Senator
    Kelly Loeffler represents the political influence of crypto in the United States as well as the institutional sector of bitcoin. One of the arguments for the bitcoin price to rise during 2019 was the launch and possible success of Bakkt. Bakkt represented the perfect platform for institutional investment in bitcoin and therefore the entry of institutional money into the cryptocurrency space.
  • Blythe Masters – CEO of Digital Asset Holdings and former executive of JP Morgan
    Blythe Masters works in the FinTech sector, one of the industries with the greatest growth prospects. He is currently CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a company that designs various layers of distributed technology for the financial sector.
  • Arianna Simpson – CEO of Autonomous Partners

    Arianna Simpson Arianna Simpson is the founder and current CEO of Autonomous Partners, a venture capital fund specializing in cryptocurrencies. The company has been very successful and has raised over $ 10 million from high-profile clients such as Coinbase. In addition to being a very influential person in the cryptocurrency space, she was one of the first members of BitGo, one of the most prestigious custody services in the crypto market.

  • Catalina Castro – Tech Creator with Catalina
    Catalina Castro was already named by BeInCrypto in our list of the top 10 most important people in the Hispanic crypto ecosystem of 2019. She is one of the most visible women in the blockchain ecosystem. Castro works in the education sector, a very important field for the future adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  • Linda Xie – CEO of Scalar Capital and former Product Manager at Coinbase
    Linda Xie is a clear case of success in climbing the steps until she is able to run a hedge fund for crypto assets that has collected more than 20 million dollars from institutional and private investors.
  • Laura shin – Crypto journalist
    Laura Shin is a celebrated editor at Forbes and specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain related topics. His articles and tweets are used regularly in different specialized crypto media.
  • Connie Gallippi – Founder and CEO of BitGive
    Gallippi is the founder and director of BitGive, a non-profit organization recognized within the Bitcoin ecosystem for its cooperative efforts.
  • Lorena Ortiz – Director of Bitcoin Embassy Bar
    Lorena Ortiz is a great bitcoin enthusiast in Mexico and a great fighter for gender equality. Ortiz has created a successful exchange space for various topics related to cryptocurrencies in Mexico City.


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