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YOINK About To Start

My first post ever and i decided to write up some information about the project YOINK.  I do not know why but i got hooked on YOINKS and what to pass it to all.

English is not my native language and i am happy about some feedback.


So WHAT the hack is YOINK?

YOINKs creation is desired of the wish to develop a simple protocol with a fair distribution model. The protocol follows a lottery model and every 24 hours the Yoink function will be enacted by the smart contract. 1% of the piggy bank will be distributed and given to a random wallet.

Important to notice is if the selected wallet is not in the top 500 the YNK will be burned.

Upcoming Projects

The team has a few projects they are working on- Defi/Yield Farming/ Wallet etc. YOINK Token holders will be the first to benefit from all upcoming developments.

ICO ANNOUCEMENT at yoink.rocks

Token Price: $0.02 USD approx.
🦄 UNISWAP Listing within 24 hours of sale ending.
🔒LOCKED LIQUIDITY FOR ONE YEAR – 25% of Eth Raised & 10 Million $YNK
🐷Soft Cap/Hard Cap: None – this pig is flying no matter what! 🚀
Currencies accepted: Ethereum (ETH)
Sale start Date: 22/09/2020 10am EST
Sale end Date: 28/09/2020 10am EST
Unsold $YNK will be burned! 🔥


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