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YouTuber with 50M+ Subscribers Becomes Brave Verified Publisher

YouTuber Mr Beast, who runs a stunt channel with over 50 million subscribers, officially became a Brave verified publisher in Jan. 2021. 

  • Born Jimmy Donaldson, the internet celebrity has previous experience with the cryptocurrency market, having invested in the market and discussed the asset class on the channel
  • Brave currently has over 69,700 verified publishers, including the likes of The Guardian, The Washington Post and several popular YouTubers
  • The browser and its token model have received praise from prominent individuals, with Joe Rogan and Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger also pitching the browser 
  • The browser has a strong userbase, crossing 20 million monthly active users in Nov. 2020, and has built its reputation on a steady stream of feature releases
  • The project’s next major update, Themis, will introduce smart contracts and sidechains in a bid to further decentralize ad models
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